Prairie Co-op Liquor Store coming to Melville
November 17, 2023

Prairie Co-op will create a one-stop-shopping experience for members and customers at its new Co-op liquor store in Melville.

Construction of the 2500-square foot space will be integrated into the existing Co-op Gas Bar and Convenience Store at 200 Bailey Drive in Melville. Work will begin in spring 2024 to prepare the location for the liquor store’s opening, which is expected in late summer 2024. After the application process, we will be working with a design team to come up with a floor plan that will meet our customers’ needs while maintaining our high level of customer service at the gas bar.

“Co-op has been a trusted employer and business serving this community since 1940. At our new Co-op Liquor Store, residents of Melville and nearby communities will continue to be served by a locally owned business that is committed to our community,” said Terry Vanmackelberg, General Manager of Prairie Co-op.

The Prairie Co-op Liquor Store will offer customers a variety of alcohol products, including the Co-op’s line of beer, wine, and spirits.

“Our new liquor space adds to our existing food, fuel, home, and building supplies and agro offerings across Prairie Co-op and will bring increased convenience for our members and customers, who will enjoy new opportunities to earn cash back and equity on their purchases,” said Harley Hahn, Melville Gas Bar Manager.

Prairie Co-op was able to purchase an SLGA Retail Store Permitee holder license from a private sale in Melville. This process is not connected to the recent Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association auctions that took place in February.

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