Your Prairie Co-op Petroleum Specialists
January 13, 2022

Today's farms are busy places with diverse needs. 

Among those demands are the fuels that power and protect some of your biggest on-farm investments  everything from equipment and heavy-duty machinery, to the products you produce.

Enter the Prairie Co-op Fuel Team  a network of fuel and lubricant specialists who deliver a comprehensive suite of products and services to agricultural producers and commercial users.

Farms and commercial businesses today have a need for increasingly reliable, high-quality fuels and lubricants, and the Prairie Co-op Fuel Team is proud to help producers meet their goals with products that meet the most stringent performance standards, many of which are exclusively manufactured by Co-op.

Working for you

The Prairie Co-op Petroleum department works closely with operators to form meaningful partnerships to understand the needs of their business and make informed recommendations. With the main Prairie Co-op Petroleum office in Melville, the team has drivers operating out of Melville, Kelliher, Ituna, and Lipton to serve the surrounding areas.

Today, a trained and experienced Prairie Co-op Petroleum team member can help you get the job done with the following products and services:

Products that are built for the toughest jobs and biggest machines

  • CO-OP Premium Diesel
  • CO-OP Premium Lubricants
  • CO-OP Propane

Trusted advice, products, technology, and industry-leading support

  • Timely, local deliveries for bulk fuels, lubricants, and propane
  • Tank upgrades and remote monitoring tools
  • Full-service propane installation

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