Prairie Co-op Wins Award in Excellence in Brand Development
March 2, 2021

We are proud to announce that Prairie Co-op has been selected as the winner for the Excellence in Brand Development Award during the Annual CRS Awards this year! This is an exciting achievement for our Prairie Co-op team!

We want to thank our entire Prairie Co-op Team for their ongoing dedication. Making a difference in customers' lives is something that we all strive towards. In this challenging time, the team members at Prairie Co-op rose to the occasion by personifying the Co-op brand.

The CRS Awards represent a chance for Co-ops to look back and celebrate the diverse approaches, systems and cultures that have led to successes in brand, co-operation, sustainability and health and safety - all amidst a global pandemic.The question posed by Federated Co-op in the creation of this video is, "Is your team living the brand? What successes have you had in conceiving and implementing processes, programs or initiatives that advance the Co-op brand in your market?"

The finalists were selected by four separate juries led by Federated Co-op Ltd. (FCL) subject matter experts. The juries carefully evaluated each submission, with a primary focus on how the applicants addressed the criteria outlined for each category.

The winners are selected by GM and CEO representatives on FCL’s Executive Management Council, and were announced at the FCL Annual Meeting in Saskatoon on March 1, 2021.

Here's a link to our video: