Prairie Co-op Sponsors Ituna Arena
February 1, 2023

Small-town arenas have always been the heart of communities across Saskatchewan, and the Ituna Arena is no exception. The existing arena, built in 1961, served the community well for 60 years, providing a venue for hockey, figure skating, community events, and other recreational activities. After providing a place for the community to come together for so many years, it was time to move forward with a new arena.

In 2017, Ituna was one of the top two finalists in the Kraft Hockeyville competition, winning $100,000 for arena upgrades. This money launched the Ituna Arena Co-operative Board’s fundraising efforts for a new arena.

“This is a monumental project for the Town of Ituna, the community, the surrounding RMs, and all its citizens,” said David Renkas, Chairperson of the Ituna Arena Co-operative Board. “This building will stand proud for over 100 years to come. Having partners like Prairie Co-op to ensure this legacy lasts many years is very important. We thank them for this financial contribution helping prove their position to ensuring Ituna and the area thrive for years into the future and helping give their citizens a beautiful skating arena to enjoy.”

A strong social conscience has always been part of how Prairie Co-op operates, built on a foundation of community involvement and community investment. Prairie Co-op has committed $75,000 toward the Ituna Arena.

“Community-mindedness is one of the cornerstones of Prairie Co-op,” said Terry Vanmackelberg, General Manager. “Building strong communities have always been a focus of Co-ops, and what better way to do this than to support the heart of the community? One of the focused areas of donations for Prairie Co-op this year is Sports and Recreation, so when the opportunity arose to sponsor the new Ituna Arena, it was an easy decision for the Prairie Co-op Board of Directors.”

We are excited to partner with the Ituna Arena Co-operative Board to provide a much-needed venue for the people of Ituna and the surrounding area.

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