Grown with Purpose
October 30, 2020

GROWN WITH PURPOSE is a forward-thinking agronomic program that assesses your farm’s planning, use of crop inputs and safe work practices. Since the program launched in 2019, local Co-op Grow Team members have been working closely with farmers like you, developing customized strategies that improve fertilizer efficiency, optimize production and enhance the overall health of the land.


Manage your inputs

A comprehensive review of your short- and long-term goals, agronomic strategies and use of crop inputs will provide your local Grow Team member with the insights needed to identify where small changes can have the most impact.

Plan Strategically

Remove the guesswork. Build a crop plan with your local Grow Team member that uses industry-leading solutions to drive efficiency, enhance crop yields and optimize returns on your farm.

Be an AGvocate

Stand up and be proud that the food you produce is nutritious, safe and grown with practices that are mindful of air, water and soil quality.

Talk to a Grow Team member in Cupar, Ituna, Strasbourg, or Lipton, and see how this program can work for your farm.  

Cupar  306.723.1200

Ituna  306.795.2441

Strasbourg  306.725.3200

Lipton  306.336.2333

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