Fuel Good Day
September 8, 2020

Edited //  Thank you to all who supported Fuel Good Day!  We raised $3,686.40 for the Legions!  

Fuel Good Day is a fundraising initiative implemented by Federated Co-operatives Ltd in 2017, and Prairie Co-op is proud to have been taking part in it since the beginning. On Fuel Good Day, our Gas Bars in Melville, Ituna, Kelliher, Lipton, and Cupar donate 10 cents per litre of gas and diesel sold at the pumps to a local community group. In 2017, the money raised was donated to Rail City Industries of Melville, who used the money to help purchase a lift for their clients. In 2018, Fuel Good proceeds went to the Volunteer Fire Departments of Fort Qu’Appelle, Ituna, Kelliher and Lipton to help them purchase new equipment. Last year, we worked with the Melville Food Bank and the Fort Qu’Appelle Community Outreach Centre. The Outreach Centre used the funds to add to their programming, and the Melville Food Bank was in the process of relocating to a larger facility. 

On September 15, 2020, Fuel Good Day funds are going to the Royal Canadian Legions of Melville, Fort Qu’Appelle, Cupar, Lipton, Lemberg and Kelliher

There are several things we consider when making the decision on with whom to work. A requirement of the program is that the organization needs to be a registered charity or non-profit. Religious organizations and political groups are not eligible to be nominated. In the past, the Board was responsible in choosing the community group, but this year, we opened it up to nominations by our staff. Our Team Members are very community-minded – it’s one of the key ideas behind the Co-op system – and we wanted them to help us choose where the money would go. Prairie Co-op encompasses a wide geographic area, and we want to try and choose charities or groups that reach as many of our Prairie Co-op communities as possible. In the past, we also held barbecues at our locations to raise money, but this year, because of COVID restrictions, this is not possible.

We chose the Royal Canadian Legions as the recipients of the Fuel Good Day funds raised because Legion Branches are the cornerstone of communities across Canada. They provide one of the largest volunteer bases in the country. Their members provide local services and supports to build a stronger Canada. Whether helping local Veterans, supporting seniors, providing youth sports programs, raising funds, or volunteering to help those in need, Legionnaires provide essential services in their communities. Their focus on community-mindedness reflects our values as a Co-op.

The real success behind Fuel Good Day is the continued support from our members, who choose this day to fuel up their vehicles. We thank you for your past patronage, and we hope to see you at a Prairie Co-op Gas Bar in Melville, Lipton, Ituna, Kelliher, and Cupar on Tuesday, September 15.

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