Donations and Sponsorships
December 9, 2022

Prairie Co-op’s Donations and Sponsorship fund provides cash or in-kind donations to non-profit groups and organizations to help support programming, complete projects, or improve facilities and/or services that enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve. This online form replaces the paper Donation Request Form that we previously used. 

This program also includes community sponsorships and gift card/product donations. 


Please read the Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines attachment below prior to filling out your Community Support Application.

Please note that either the group, or someone in your group must have a Prairie Co-op membership to participate in this program, and that your group’s purpose should align with our Co-op’s values of Excellence, Integrity, Progressive

How it works

  • Submit an application through the online form at the link in the Apply Here section below.
  • Applications are reviewed and the recipients will be chosen at the discretion of Prairie Co-op.
  • Recipients are encouraged to follow up with Prairie Co-op on the success of the program, how the funds were used and the impact the funds had on the program.

Apply Here

Prairie Co-op has partnered with Do Some Good to leverage the power of technology and build stronger and more connected communities. 

We Are Co-op

Prairie Co-op, like other community-minded businesses, receives numerous requests for donations. Please allow a minimum of TWO (2) weeks to review your requests and respond. Prairie Co-op works hard to assist in as many community organizations as possible; however, due to the high volume of requests received, not all worthwhile proposals will be approved. Such a response does not reflect upon the value of your organization and the valuable service you provide.

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