Delayed billing on Bulk Diesel Deliveries on now
January 25, 2021

Once again, Prairie Co-op is pleased to offer delayed billing programs on bulk delivered farm diesel. The terms of this program are easy: any diesel delivery to farm, starting January 25, is eligible for this program. These purchases would be due, in full, interest-free on June 30, 2021, OAC.

At the due date, the account must then be paid by cheque, debit, cash or online. Payment by credit card cannot be accepted at that time. If you wish to pay by credit card, the payment terms are the same as a regular fuel delivery.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact Chad or Shea in Melville at 306-728-5811, or one of the locations listed below.

For all your bulk fuel needs, depend on your Prairie Co-op Fuel Team: 

  • Tank upgrades and remote monitoring tools.
  • Three sizes of single wall tanks available:
    • 4,500 liter 
    • 8,550 liter
    • 11,000 liter 
  •  Bulk deliveries of gas and diesel.
  •  We carry DEF and DEF equipment.

Melville    306-728-5811
Cupar        306-723-1200
Lipton       306-336-2333
Kelliher     306-675-2156
Ituna          306-795-2441

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