Congratulations to the Team at Fort Qu'Appelle Home Centre!
July 29, 2020

Prairie Co-op is proud of our Fort Qu’Appelle Home Centre on receiving the Home Centre Commitment to Excellence Award from Federated Co-operatives Ltd. for 2019.

The Fort Qu’Appelle Home Centre has been open since 2015. Its leaders have built a culture of engagement and pride in what they do, which has created the success that they have achieved today. The team has worked very hard to develop a positive image within the community, through both community involvement and a focus on customer experience. Curtis Nickel, Prairie Co-op’s Operations Manager, said, “This award is a true testament to the Fort Qu’Appelle Home Centre Team. It highlights their commitment to serving our members, our customers, and our community at an exceptional level. I am so very proud of all the time and effort committed by this team. I know with certainty that with their consistency in delivering excellent customer experience, that they will continue to enjoy years to come serving this amazing community!”

Congratulations to the amazing team at the Fort Qu’Appelle Home Centre!

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